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The labyrinth of love
« en: Enero 20, 2022, 08:46:52 am »
The labyrinth of love

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п»їWhy is love so complicated? I have been asking myself this question all my life and still and with the passing of the years I have not found the answer. I don't know if the problem is mine or if it is really a difficult enigma to solve.
Nor do I intend in this article to show you any of the theories that exist about love, to talk about love chemistry or how love is experienced at each stage of our lives; I only intend to share with you ideas and thoughts.
It seems that there are no magic or mathematical formulas in love, here never two plus two is always four... If we do not even know ourselves and many times we live with our dualities and our contradictions... How can we assume or presuppose what the other is going through his head?...
That's why when we often hear "he left me overnight" "but I didn't notice anything", we have no choice but to be satisfied. And I believe that in love, if we hold on to the maxim "Carpe Diem" or live the moment, we would be much happier and suffer much less.
And it is not that I pretend to give lessons of Emotional Intelligence but it is true that many times we say "Oh if only I had known this before".  That If I had...! responds in many occasions to a lack of emotional intelligence that we can also apply to love and that perhaps we should be taught in schools as another subject.
We all have the capacity to learn emotional intelligence, but that is why we are human, and suffering for love and heartbreak is not so bad either. Actually this is irony, with it I am only trying to make myself and all those readers who like these words see that the important thing is to love because, as Alfred Tennyson's famous phrase says, "it is better to love and have lost than never to have loved at all"....
And yes, that love hurts, that sometimes we do not understand it and we enter a labyrinth that has a structure and a form different from any of our other inner labyrinths, but at the end of it all, may they take away what we danced ....
Because memories will be the only thing we will have left when we are old and being able to tell a love story like that of the old lady in the famous movie "Titanic" is not bad at all...
She really knew what Emotional Intelligence applied to love was all about. She got rid of all the conventions of the time and lived the best days of her life when she met that young man who would steal her heart forever and who unfortunately lost his life in the worst of circumstances...
However, if you remember, the protagonist continued to live with illusion, did everything she felt she had to do and learned from that young adventurer who taught her to live, to laugh, to dream, to dance and to enjoy without a penny.
Although this story is fictitious, reality always surpasses fiction and I am sure that some of you who are now reading these words have a wonderful love story in your heart. Maybe in its time it was your personal labyrinth but, with the perspective of time, it has helped you to grow emotionally and to keep the best of it inside you.
Love is a labyrinth but why not get into it? I invite you to let go of your fears, of the past and to live love again. Because love may be a labyrinth but it is a wonderful journey in which, despite not finding the exit many times, it is worth entering.
I invite you to turn up the volume of your computer and enjoy this video of Sade after reading my words written from the heart and soul.
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